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“DTC is the preferred distribution method for many start-up and emerging CPG companies.”

There is a significant opportunity to capitalize on an emerging consumer trend. Direct to Consumer (DTC) frozen food purchases online, are now higher than in brick and mortar stores. Online grocery sales include frozen foods as one of the top 10 items consumers are purchasing today. In this special report, find out:

  • How the growing popularity of eCommerce has changed the distribution landscape.

  • What was the catalyst that fueled the frozen foods online delivery movement.

  • How technology has paved the way for large companies to include frozen foods in their eCommerce channel.

  • How you too can position yourself to cash in on this mega trend in eCommerce and home delivery.

  • Why this trend is just getting started and where it’s going in the coming years and much more…

Studies have shown that frozen foods are likely to see a significant fraction of food ordered online for home delivery. DTC is quickly becoming a preferred means of distribution for many smaller companies. Download this report to find out why the frozen food DTC business model may be right for your frozen food product!